Results from the 2016 Gingerbread Tour!

As the holiday season comes to a close, so, unfortunately, does the 10th annual Sausalito Gingerbread tour. As the results of this year’s winners were presented, it was evident that there were simply not enough categories to judge exactly how unique each creation was, and how much spirit and creativity was poured into all of the gingerbread houses in Sausalito. We would like to thank all of the participants in this year’s tour for their hard work and charity of time which warmed our hearts with holiday spirit.

The winners of this year’s competition were divided into 6 categories, best craftsmanship, most traditional, best teamwork, most creative, best Sausalito theme, and mayor’s choice.

The most traditional award, honoring the gingerbread house with the most commitment to building with respect to the classic holiday style, was given to Sarah Swell Jewelry for her candy cane chimney and intricate frosting roof design with wildlife to keep it company. The award for the best teamwork was given to Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa for their gorgeous triple decker mansion bedecked with candy pearls, a candy cane balcony, chocolate rooftops and was accompanied by Santa and his reindeer. The most creative award was presented to Gr.dano for their incredible replica of a gingerbread fashion show. Complete with gingerbread men on a rotating catwalk and elves in Santa's workshop in the basement layer of their creation, Gr.dano has a history of going above and beyond for the gingerbread tour competition. Past entries have included a life-size replica of the iron throne from the popular HBO TV series Game of Thrones, and a mannequin dressed in a skirt made entirely from gingerbread. The best Sausalito theme, which is the most representative of the Sausalito setting and culture, was awarded to Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty for a breathtaking model of downtown Sausalito and the hills above, complete with a section of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Mayor’s choice award was given to Jewelry by The Bay for their gingerbread model commemorating the National Parks service 100 year anniversary. With redwood trees towering above a quaint log cabin, and Santa riding just above with his reindeer, this model showed incredible commitment.

We witnessed a remarkable degree of participation and holiday spirit from merchants and voters this year, with 36 businesses taking part in the building of houses and over 1,000 voters choosing their favorite house. We owe a great degree of this tour’s success to the gingerbread committee, as well as the guest judges for the gingerbread tour who volunteered their time to make sure everything ran smoothly, and so that we could all share in the vibrant and exciting holiday spirit enveloping Sausalito during the holidays.

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