The Old Town Gang

The Old Town Gang - fostering the generous and creative holiday spirit of Sausalito

Rex Collette, Sausalito Chamber of Commerce Intern 2016

The Sausalito Gingerbread Tour, having reached its 10th anniversary, has spread warmth and holiday cheer to North Sausalito, Caledonia Street, Princess Street, and Downtown Sausalito for years on end. 


The Gingerbread Tour gives the merchants of Sausalito a chance to try their hand at crafting a gingerbread house and to join in the merriment of this ancient tradition. Whether the merchants participate purely for fun, to gather spirit for the holidays, or to get a taste of the competition, they never fail to disappoint with their extravagant creations.


As Kate Dixon-Rose, a member of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, discussed this year’s upcoming Gingerbread Tour with the chamber, she noticed a lack of focus towards Sausalito’s Old Town. Kate was interested in bringing the tour to Old Town merchants; offering them an opportunity to share in, and contribute to, the generous and lively Sausalito holiday spirit.
After communicating with merchants in Sausalito’s Old Town such as Golden Gate Market, Sunshine Nails, and Waterworks Coin Laundry, Kate had gathered a sizeable group of willing participants. Kate realized that it would be a struggle for all of these participants to build gingerbread houses, and came up with the idea to form the “Old Town Gang”, a group of creative six to twelve-year-old minds who would build the gingerbread houses for the merchants of Old Town Sausalito.

After calling a few parents, heading to Costco for gingerbread kits, and preparing a table in her house for the gingerbread workshop, the fun began. Kate figured that it would be a remarkable experience for a few kids to come together and put their imaginations to work while bonding with one another.

The kids, Yasha, Sienna, Marco and Jon Carlo, all brought their own unique ideas to their gingerbread houses. From elegantly crafted “Despicable Me” minions to a house with a sailboat, the gang's masterpieces exhibit expressive and delectable designs.

“There definitely something to be said about adults doing all these incredible houses, creating works of art, but it really is a fantasy and imaginative and creative experience for the children to be able to embrace.” Kate said.

Kate hopes to see Old Town Gang get together again next year to once again witness the satisfaction and pride she saw in the faces of the children after they had finished their gingerbread houses.

Not only did this experience bring a few kids the delight of bonding with each other over their houses, but it spread joy to all of the merchants who had adopted one of these “Old Town Gang” members as their bakers.